Travel Better: Choosing Between TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry, and NEXUS

You know what you want. You’ve seen those smug, gloating people over in the “TSA Pre-Check” line, looking down on the rest of us, and you want to be one of them. But then you see that there are half a dozen different trusted traveler programs, and everyone seems to be telling you to sign …

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3 Smart Kitchen Appliances to Make You More Efficient

Ready to make your kitchen more efficient? These will save you time and effort in ways that I didn’t expect when we first got them. In our house, weeknight dinners can be a scramble. We’re DINKs and my husband and I both have full-time jobs. When we get home after work, we are both exhausted …

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PRK Surgery Recovery: Day 5

Day 5: Saturday Nathaniel definitely seems “back to normal” today. He’s much more able to enjoy the sunshine… We got him out of the apartment for the first time! He’s seeing pretty well today, and just feels like he has old contacts in his eyes… probably because he does. Overall, he's feeling great and is …

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PRK Surgery Recovery: Day 4

Day 4: Friday Today, Nathaniel had his follow-up appointment with the eye doctor, and was hopeful that he would get his bandage contacts out. He was feeling a bit blurry, especially in one eye. He was much more comfortable though, and able to look at screens. He actually felt more eye dryness and was using …

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PRK Surgery Recovery: Day 1-3

Day 1 Post-Surgery: Tuesday Nathaniel slept straight through the night and woke up this morning feeling much better. I guess when you rest for 20 hours, it gives your eyes a little time to heal. He had a series of three drops to take 4 times a day, and then moisturizing tears as often as …

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PRK Surgery Day-Of: Monday

With lots of anticipation (read: terror), Nathaniel and I went in to the UW Eye Institute this morning for his procedure. They started with a quick consultation to go over the procedure and answer last-minute questions. They went ahead and explained the eye drop regimen Nathaniel would be on after surgery. then they brought us …

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Nathaniel’s Laser Eye Surgery Countdown: 2 days left!

Well folks, there’s no turning back now. Nathaniel is signed up, and has paid for, PRK Laser Eye surgery. For those of you rusty on your eye surgery knowledge, there are two main types of Laser eye surgery for improving nearsightedness. One is called PRK, and the other is LASIK. I had heard of LASIK …

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Favorite Things: PUG Muddler

A muddler is an essential bar tool used to smash ingredients for cocktails, releasing the essential oils and/or juices of fruits, herbs, and spices. The PUG version is larger than what you might find in the local store, which gives a little more purchase and leverage for your muddling efforts. It's also made from solid …

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5 Easy Steps to Win the Credit Card Game

If you’re like me, you may be able to think back to a time when driving was a different experience than it is for you today. Maybe backing out of the driveway or merging onto the freeway got your heart rate up, knuckles white, and palms sweating. Or maybe you thought you were the “king …

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Use Autopay: Get Rid of your Bills

With Auto-Pay and Paperless statements you can manage your expenses on your own terms, without having them barge in on your precious personal time and space. Take control and make your bills work for you!