A new year, a new city for Rachel and me. A lot has happened in the last few months.

With Rachel’s teaching licensure program set to wrap up in January, we were ready to move out of Minneapolis. Mostly, the place was just too cold. 🙂 My job search couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Just a few weeks and it was done; we were moving to Seattle, and I was going to Amazon as a Financial Analyst.

The drive from Minneapolis to Seattle was fun and very scenic, the views becoming more varied and interesting every hour of the trip. I did the driving, while Rachel played DJ, researched restaurants and hotels, and maintained communications with our family and friends. There’s something therapeutic about a long drive – you settle in and embrace the simple experience of pushing mile after mile of road behind you.

The views from our car were increasingly stunning as we drove through Montana and into Washington, moving through the Rocky Mountains and the Cascades – all tall, jagged, and snow peaked. We were surprised to see huge wind farms atop the Cascade Mountains, before we began our decent to Seattle. Even just half an hour out of the city we were still surrounded by huge, towering evergreen trees and mountains. We were starting to see how this place was different.

Seattle is a phenomenally beautiful place. Everywhere is hilly, creating giant natural amphitheaters around the water – everybody has a view. And everything is green all year. Yea, it rains frequently, but it’s mostly just a drizzle in the afternoon. Most days are sunny for a few hours, cloudy for a few hours, and rainy for a few hours.

The view of Seattle from Magnolia, where Rachel works

We found an apartment with a view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It has a small balcony that I have a gas grill set up on, and it’s far and away the nicest place we’ve lived. It’s smaller than our last place, so we’ve been getting rid of some stuff, but it is just the right size for Rachel and me; we are glad to “right-size” our lives here.

I walk 20min to and from work, which I enjoy. It’s exciting that here I will be able to walk year-round! I also like my job a lot so far. The work is largely similar to what I did at Target, which helps me feel more comfortable. I also like my team, and Amazon seems like a great place to be. Rachel also found a job quickly; she is teaching at a pre-school and enjoying the adorable 3-5 year olds, at least when they aren’t having tantrums and accidents…

We are having a lot of fun exploring the local attractions. We have a deck of 52 cards that each have a walk around Seattle that we are working through to explore the city. Rachel’s New Year’s resolution is to eat more fresh food, so we have also been enjoying cooking a lot of good food from scratch. We’re especially enjoying the local fresh seafood! I also got Rachel a bread machine for her birthday, so we’ve been making our own fresh bread.

Homemade Coconut Curry Clams

In short, life is good in Seattle. We like the city, I like my job, and it seems like it was the right move for us. We are excited to start the next chapter of our story here.

Rachel on our first day in Seattle 🙂

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