Use Autopay: Get Rid of your Bills

Here’s a quick and easy way to improve your life: stop paying your bills! Surely you’ve heard someone mention that life was so much simpler when they were a kid and didn’t have bills to pay!

Well, of course, your bills still have to get paid if you want to enjoy modern conveniences like electricity, running water, and the internet in the comfort of your own home. But, are you still mailing checks or manually paying your bills each month? I can’t imagine why you would bother to do this yourself when nearly every reoccurring bill there is these days can be paid automatically with bill pay.

Say your landlord doesn’t offer it? Payment amounts that are the same each month or known in advance can be set up through your bank’s bill pay service – many banks offer this service for free and can even mail a physical check each month for you at no extra charge.

Why go through the hassle of setting up auto-pay for each of your bills? The most obvious reason is that a little upfront setup will likely save you time in the long run, but there are some less obvious benefits too. It’s one less thing that will wind up on your (ever-growing) to-do list each month, so it just might help save you some stress down the line. Automating your payments also eliminates the risk of paying late, which can have negative impacts ranging from late fees to even damaging your credit score.

Of course, for many there’s some discomfort about knowing your bills will come out of your account without your go-ahead. If overdraft is a real risk, then you’ll need to address that first, but you may find it really does simplify your life to have bills getting paid on their own, leaving you to just manage your balance.

Already have all of your bills on auto-pay? Take the next step and go paperless! Each physical bill and statement that you bring into your home is just one more thing for you to process, sort, file, and dispose of. Save yourself the effort and physical clutter by going paperless and reviewing these online.

So, you may not really be able to get rid of your bills. But with Auto-Pay and Paperless statements you can manage your expenses on your own terms, without having them constantly barging in on your precious personal time and space. Take control and make your bills work for you!

What do you think – are you an auto-pay fanboy or are you a check-writing purist? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

One thought on “Use Autopay: Get Rid of your Bills

  1. I use auto-pay for everything besides my credit card statements. Those are paperless, so I just log in to manually check my statements, review any reward points balances, and manually initiate payment. So, not quite fully automated, but close enough for me.


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