Nathaniel’s Laser Eye Surgery Countdown: 2 days left!

Well folks, there’s no turning back now. Nathaniel is signed up, and has paid for, PRK Laser Eye surgery.

For those of you rusty on your eye surgery knowledge, there are two main types of Laser eye surgery for improving nearsightedness. One is called PRK, and the other is LASIK. I had heard of LASIK before, as I’m sure you have. PRK was new to me.

Here’s the difference:

LASIK: Procedure involves cutting a flap in the outer “skin” layer of your eye, laser on the cornea to correct your vision, and then closing the flap. Done. Better vision overnight. Possible risk of flap complications if you get hit in the face in the future. So don’t be a boxer or a football player.

PRK: No flap. Instead, the doctor will scrape, brush, or wipe away the outer layer of your eye (removing less material than a flap), and then laser as well as the amount of cornea needed to improve your vision. Requires 5 days off work, and  a painful recovery as your eye has to heal the entire epidermal layer. No risk of flap complications.

They both have the same outcomes; our doctor couldn’t recommend one over the other. LASIK is more popular because of its friendly recovery time (like 1 day), but both have great outcomes for your vision.

Nathaniel chose PRK.

The advantage for him is no risk of the same possible complications that LASIK has, since your eye has a flap cut in the cornea. PRK doesn’t leave a flap, but instead, it takes at least a week for you to go back to work, function again, and hopefully, not be in pain.

Recovery from PRK is supposed to be painful. And your result will fluctuate. Your vision will improve, then get worse/fuzzy/blurry, then improve, then get worse, and so on. At least until it stabilizes….which could take months. It might be fast, it might take longer, and there’s really no way to predict how your eyes will heal.

We will be recording a video and writing blog posts to document his recovery. Stay tuned.

2015-07-28 12.05.13

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