PRK Surgery Recovery: Day 1-3


Day 1 Post-Surgery: Tuesday

img_2728Nathaniel slept straight through the night and woke up this morning feeling much better. I guess when you rest for 20 hours, it gives your eyes a little time to heal. He had a series of three drops to take 4 times a day, and then moisturizing tears as often as needed. He takes an antibiotic, and 2 anti-inflammatories.

We had our check-up with the doctor, who tested Nathaniel’s vision and looked to make sure things weren’t infected. Later in the week, he’ll check to make sure Nathaniel’s cornea is healing correctly.

The doctor seemed pleasantly surprised at both Nathaniel’s vision and his lack-of-pain. Nathaniel is seeing 20/25 in one eye, and 20/20 in the other, which is better than most people at this point in the process!

I’m pleasantly surprised too. Nathaniel has been rather comfortable all day. He’s been taking it easy, and still prefers to close his eyes and rest, but mostly because his eyes get tired. They’re busy trying to heal. This afternoon he napped, and listened to music and baseball games. He hasn’t needed painkillers at all!

We’re feeling hopeful that this week won’t be as bad as we thought!

Day 2: Wednesday

This morning, Nathaniel woke up with his eyelid “glued” shut. All the gunk and build-up from his numerous eye drops had caused his eyelashes to stick together. We had to use some eyedrops to loosen things up!

This was a more blurry day for him, and he was feeling a bit uncomfortable and scratchy all day. His right eye was more irritated, and looked red.

We are noticing that he seems to generally wake up feeling pretty good, but things tend to deteriorate in the evenings. His eyes probably get tired!

Day 3: Thursday

Today was SO blurry! Nathaniel woke up feeling a bit more uncomfortable, but it improved as the day went on. He is experiencing lots of ghosting, and rings around lights.

It was still a good day of recovery overall. He felt pretty comfortable, just wasn’t able to read or see screens very well. He’s hopeful that the doctor will take out his contacts tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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